Our project impacts the way you, your kids, and their teachers approach coding, robotics, or the maker movement in general.
We are making coding education more approachable and fun for the average kid, and we decided to start with a simple robot called Kamibot.
This robot transforms with the addition of character papercrafts that users make themselves.
This allows Kamibot to be versatile especially when used as an educational tool for teaching children from kindergarten to primary school.
Children can learn to program with any character or object they choose. Character can be downloaded from our webpage for free.
Our simple step-by-step programming curriculum takes kids from the basics of logic to actual coding. Coding at the moment is done with KamiCard or KamiBlock.
Kamicard allows users to sequence commands for Kamibot to follow via image cards that don¡¯t require the user to know how to read.
Kamiblock is our block-based programming tool that resembles Scratch (A block-based programming language developed at MIT).

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