K10 is the first cash register that combines features of both the mobile and desktop device, designed for use in harsh environments and at different work stations, amongst others parking lots and outdoor sales. The mobility of the register is provided by its compact form, cordless nature, connectivity with other devices via Bluetooth and hands-free handling. The traditional keyboard and display are replaced by a liquid crystal touch panel – a novelty in this product category, allowing for handling even in thick gloves. This screen allows for interface programming and customization; adapting to user expectations. The casing is made of two-component injection molding: the outside soft-to-the-touch elastomer ensures firmer grip and protects the interior from moisture, the inside hard ABS reduces shock when dropped (compressive strength of 150 kg). An unusual design for this product category which positively distinguishes the register from the competition. Tested for mechanical and thermal strength. Proven intuitive operation by inexperienced users and those accustomed to the traditional fiscal devices.

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