iRTK5 is a Hi-Target brand new generation high accuracy and GNSS receiver which is support the signal coming from all constellations and mainly applied in geophysical prospecting, topographic survey, road survey and so on.
Protective design: it is designed with magnesium alloy material and galvanic corrosion, which have some features include light weight, fall resistance, corrosion resistance and robust anti-interference ability, and iRTK5 can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment.
Satellite station difference: a single iRTK5 GNSS receiver can achieve global real-time centimeter level positioning without the ground reference station.
Industrial touchable screen: iRTK5 is the first model in the industry to use the OLED screen which is beautiful and so easy to operate.
Communication technology: full compatible radio and 4G network communication technology, support all 3rd party brand receiver to achieve the joint measurement.

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