Based on data systems, Intelligent Biometric Identification Terminal can achieve high-speed facial recognition, providing various applications under different situations.
With integrated key hardware including cameras, fill flashes on the main visual interface, it obtains a delicate appearance, setting a new image in the industry.
Strong switchable scene modes: with proper connectors, it’s perfectly suited to various forms as vertical, wall-mounting and gate-used types in different situation, such as hotels, airports.
It serves as a terminal product for future non-credential information society. The real-name facial system secures the safety of passing, commuting, etc.
With international advanced full digital intelligent light control tech, it reduces power consumption, saving more than 70% active power.
By using brand-new facial recognition algorithms, it accurately locates facial images, reaching a new level of speed and accuracy of recognition, which has reached 99.99%.
Multitasks can be conducted with self-developed dynamic facial monitoring system.
Having created a new product line, it has been lain down in Chinese cities and we are actively expanding overseas markets.

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