To ensure power supply, distribution networks require switches, which, in turn, need specific operating mechanisms, such as the HMC-4 from ABB in Hanau.
The HMC-4 has been designed with a focus on the energy storage. Not only does the red powder coating of its springs signalize the great importance of this component, but it also serves as a signal color.
As a hydraulic-mechanical spring operating mechanism with helical springs, the HMC-4 is unique world-wide, thanks to its innovative, patented hydraulic design.
Its modular design is also unique, offering a host of advantages:
– straightforward replacement of modules
– intuitive sensing of the Human-Machine Interface
– rapid understanding of the functional principles
Customers also appreciate other USPs such as its integrated damping and interlocking, along with its adjustable speed.
All these features enable the user to handle the product efficiently.
Development was geared to cover the entire product life cycle, resulting in an extremely durable design. The high standards of ABB ensure environmental compatibility in both production and operation. Thus, disassembly and recycling of the HMC-4 does not involve much effort.

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