Opticis compact HDCX-100-TR is designed to transmit the signal of true 4K (UHD) HDMI2.0 video/audio up to 100m via CAT5e/6 UTP or FTP cables based on HDBaseT2.0 technology. HDCX-100-TR transmits HDMI2.0 (CEC, EDID, HDCP) signal and provides USB2.0/RS-232 signal by dedicated ports for user convenience. Especially, considering the heat when installing the industrial product connected with a wide range of equipment, the housing of HDCX-100-TR is designed in a hexagonal figure in order to widen the contact surface with the air in a limited space, and applied the aluminum material to enhance the heat conductivity. It is the optimal product which secured the characteristics of heating up to 20 degrees by customized structure and design through its own thermal analysis technology. HDCX-100-TR, which will be released in the smallest size among the products with the HDBaseT2.0 technology, provides the exclusive rack which applied the VESA75, 100 Screw standards to maximize user convenience during the installation, and can be used in the back of the monitor, under the work table, and in various spaces. It can also identify the work condition using its exclusive LED.

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