The professional washing machine GWH Wavy is characterized by an innovative design inspired by the high-tech market while the polished facelift and the balanced proportions of the shape contribute to give it a neat appeal. Ergonomically, the 4 compartment soap dispenser is centrally placed to ease the action. The large door opens up to 180° to facilitate the loading and unloading of the laundry. GWH Wavy is 96% recyclable and helps to save up to 50% in soap and water thanks to the patented Dynamic Weighing System.
Its outstanding performances are assisted by the Wavy user interface that allows you to control all its functions. Its vertical 7inches touchscreen inspired by mobile technology has been ergonomically integrated into the machine facelift.
Wavy exploits the potential of the app language, making it faster and easier to complete the daily work in the laundry for every user. The access, indeed, is hierarchical so everything is dosed on the type of user (basic, intermediate, professional or technical) and the procedures are simple and Step-by-Step. Thanks to the WavyCloud system it can be controlled and updated from anywhere.
It is available from 7,5 to 28 Kg of load.

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