Frameless cabinets for unrivalled visibility: one of the most important new product ranges is GRANFIT for fitting-out fresh and frozen food areas with a single family of products that convey superior quality in the display of items. The coordinated design stands out for colour choices, lights and innovative materials that contribute to improving the shopping experience.
A unique philosophy that has resulted in the comprehensive offer from Costan that guarantees the perfect integration of refrigerated units, for the highest level of display consistency in the whole food area. The full new range include the positive vertical cabinets GranVista Next and the semi-vertical cabinets Aeria Next that are also available in the Open version. The range also features the negative vertical cabinets GranBering and semi-vertical cabinets GranSesia that together combine for a homogeneous aesthetic impact with the highest level of versatility. The modular linearity of the units makes it possible to create infinite compositions for aisles, mixing vertical and semi-vertical, open and closed cabinets, for preserving fresh and frozen foods and ensuring a revolutionary presentation of all items.

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