The new FrontCom® Vario is a service interface for use in harsh industrial environments. It allows you to access the PLC directly without having to open the door or the housing of the switch cabinet. That way, machine and process data can be read out easily, program modifications can be carried out or errors can be eliminated. The optional lock can be used to secure your plant against unauthorised access. With over 5,000 possible combinations, the modular, ergonomic FrontCom® Vario interface can be tailored to fit practically every application.

FrontCom® Vario integrates multiple functions in only one single frame. The system is easy to install and you can select from a wide range of data, signal and power modules. In addition to being extremely compact, FrontCom® Vario offers a number of unique product features that will make your project planning and work activities secure, fast and future-proof. Furthermore, the FrontCom® Vario system has an attractive housing design that offers highest impact resistance and, of course, fully meets the requirements of the IP 65 protection class.

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