Added SMART to soldering iron
– This product is a stick type wireless soldering iron that can be used in workspaces where it is hard to connect a product to power.
– Using the existing products can make wrists tired if they are used for a long time since users should keep pressing buttons. As a result of considering the ease of use, this product adopted micom circuit and elilminated the need to keep pressing buttons.
– Order of operation
ON: slide button ON. press tact button for about 2 sec. the upper LED turns on and starts operation.
OFF: press tact button for about 2 sec. slide button OFF.
– Press tact button continuously to extend the operation time.
– This product adopted a safety sensor which switches off the product when it is not in use.

Product design made for the best grip
– It is important to have a good grip for the products that we have to use for a long time. The shape of this product was designed considering the fingers’ position and sense of grip when using. The design was applied after study on the best grip when use.

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