Electrochemistry is a significant branch of chemistry that links electricity with chemical reactivity. These processes are generally used in large-scale installations and play an elementary role in electroplating, in the manufacture of raw chemicals as well as lithium and hydrogen. Electrochemistry will therefore be of enormous significance with regard to the mobility concepts of the future. This situation is rectified by the development of ElectraSyn 2.0 and this “green chemistry” is made available to every research organization. Instead of test rigs made up from various components, ElectraSyn 2.0 represents an innovative all-in-one solution that meets both analytical and preparative requirements. This device underpins the fact that you can house this complex process in a compact package. The clear-cut structure of the device housing and UI is in keeping with the principle of placing the needs of the user and research at the forefront of considerations. The extended body with its gentle shaping at the center focuses the sample container in its center of the process.

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