Elcom Home Set combines audio and video in indoor and outdoor devices both in anthracite and white finishes.
Outdoor devices follow the OUTDOOR product design logic, based on an external ribbon-like frame, outlining the product.
A sign of elastic and dynamic robustness, it acts like a bumper while evoking the idea of visual simplicity: the ring gives the impression the product floats off the wall… All in all, it balances a sporty yet elegant appearance.
For the camera, the identity icon of Elcom was used to act as a signature.
It was also decided to conceive the bell in an honest way as well as the nametag.
The indoor device follows a different logic, based on the various layers, leaving the outdoor frame logic. In addition, the underplate matches the wall-mounted fitting and the basic finishes (white, grey, black). There is a real decorative logic here.
In the upper part of the case, where the image appears, a minimalist mode has been chosen for the screen when it is not active. This bias contributes to give a more elegant touch to the product.
The innovation lies in the controls that use capacitive controls and mechanical validation by the means of micro-switches.

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