The inside door panel is the embodiment of a new philosophy of design and ergonomics, characterized by a base ‘suspended’ over a frame of glass, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic.
As part of the INDOOR product category, the L shape signature helps create an impression of lightness, as if the product was suspended, floating of the surface of the wall.
Based on the frameless logic, the front face offers a generous surface where vertical and horizontal lines cross each other enabling a good use of the keypad.
This set has been designed to maximize the tightness of the product: the handset in particular is very ergonomic and yet as compact as possible. Its manipulation is smooth and easy with its clever magnetic hooking system.
The interior of the handset offers a reassuring graphic design; grid like it is a stylized welcoming area for communicating.
Even the arrival of the cable was worked out by the designers: it integrates the logic of the vertical and horizontal lines for the part associated with the housing, and the cable winding keeps a little distance from the product to let its front face speak.

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