ekin Micro Plate is the smallest license plate recognition device developed in the industry covering 3 lanes enabling mobility and bringing a completely new approach to license plate recognition.Thanks to its small and smart design,Micro Plate can be placed anywhere on a vehicle,making it truly mobile and giving the traffic officer the flexibility to use it anytime,anywhere.ekin Micro Plate recognizes the license plates and analyzes the data obtained. It can be installed in a fixed location or can be mobile.With fixed plate recognition systems,once drivers know where the systems are they adjust their behaviors accordingly and can limit enforcement to only where the systems are placed.With a mobile system,once drivers are aware of a mobile system,they know that the mobile system can be anywhere,anytime and behave accordingly.It is advantageous for fixed locations too.In addition to recording license plate data,ekin Micro Plate records date,time,coordinates and videos of all vehicles passing through the surveillance area which enable speed violation and stolen vehicle detections.By analyzing the data, system can also recommend precautions to help avoid accidents before they happen.

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