A mobile fastening station that is as intelligent and well thought out as
EC-screwdriving equipment itself – that is the ec-mobile. This fastening station offers everything that you would expect from controlled fastening equipment, and more:

– comprehensive documentation of the fastening applications
– best reliability for your processes, as the operator is guided by ec-hmi
– components are identified by a scanner
– possibility to tighten nuts with a torque of up to 400 Nm using the ec-
mobile as this fastening station is equipped with ec-tubes, a torque support
system specially developed by ec-tecs
– all of the components needed for assembly can be adjusted to the
customer’s requirements
– additional uninterruptible power supply (against data loss)

As we developed ec-mobile, we paid a lot of attention to ergonomic aspects and ease of use. The ready-to-use nutrunners and their accessories, such as sockets and extensions, all have their place and are always at your fingertips. There's plenty of storage space and there's an option to integrate cables into special drawers. Everything is quickly available – wherever you happen to be in the production area.

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