In machine tools and woodworking machines, dirt and chips can damage cables in moving applications. Conventional cable guides allow the ingress of foreign bodies or can even get blocked by them. The consequences are high wear, damage and downtimes due to the replacement of defective cables and guiding systems. The R2.1 e-tube effectively prevents the ingress of dirt and chips. Crossbars have been replaced by protective lids, whose protective function is complemented by closed mounting brackets which can be attached from any side. The lids are openable on both sides ensure easy assembly in just a few steps. The smooth design, free of sharp edges have covered pin/bore connections of the chain links, maintains the flexibility of the chain. With the integrated latching in the lid, the e-tube is also suitable for side mounted applications, while the light construction with strong, double stop-dog system enables applications with large unsupported lengths.
For protection against hot chips (up to +850°C) the e-tube is also available in the igus® igumid HT material.

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