Krones DecoType is an inkjet printing system for decorating plastic containers without using labels. An inkjet process is used to apply ink to areas not amenable to labelling.
It’s not only the elimination of labels and adhesive that makes DecoType eco-friendly and economically attractive. Simple change-overs at the touch of a button create flexibility, and the producer can react more quickly to new trends.
The printed bottles are 100% recyclable and there is no ink migration into the product.

– Time to market: Quick reaction to changes in the market and new trends
– Exact production quantities possible, no waste of labels
– Printing of areas that cannot be labelled and use of structure printing
– Simple integration of variable data such as bar codes, QR codes, raffle
– Product personalization
– Efficient production of small batch sizes together with increased
– Direct print onto plastic containers with highly resistant UV colours
– Decoration heights up to 200 mm
– Suitable for empty plastic containers made of PET, PP or PE
– Both, cylindrical and specially-shaped containers can be printed

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