Our team designed and developed the Cube cabin crane for Linden Comansa, one of the world’s leading crane manufacturers in a 2 years holistic industrial design process. Major improvements were made at different levels such as user’s visibility and comfort, manuracturing aspects and a disruptive simple aesthetic.

Mechanical issues and maintenaince were highly demanding restrictions together with a controlled budget. Furthermore, user requirements were extreme, having to operate the crane for twelve hours a day, usually in very harsh weather conditions.

On-field research and participatory methods with the users allowed us to identify needs and propose smart low-cost solutions for their every day life problems.

With this Human Centred perspective and trying to maximize functionality we gave birth to a cabin product architecture never seen before in the sector. The squared skeleton structure hides behind the metal sheet panels and the glass. Thank you to this modular system its much easier to manufacture and assemble the two different cabine sizes (L,XL).

The product was recognised with an If Award 2018.

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