The CS-4000 neXt is a suspension system for enclosed IPCs. It is used for decentralised machine controlling, typically used in automotive production line areas. The free-standing column is constructed from high-quality extruded aluminium, and when coupled with an IPC, delivers an elegant and space-saving solution. Control, signaling and emergency stop devices, identification systems, key switches and interfaces can be integrated directly into the column. Making the need for extension units or additional enclosures for control elements redundant. Due to its ability to integrate a mechanical emergency stop device, the combined suspension system and IPC satisfy the requirements of the Machinery Directive. The column is divided into two enclosed chambers, this provides cable protection and segregation with an IP65 performance. The cables are fed through the open column chamber via a discrete brush strip aperture. As the CS-4000 neXt has a modular design, the position of the IPC holder, keyboard shelf and pull-out mouse pad are flexible and can be adapted to the ergonomic requirements of the operator.

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