Mobilize the customer experience with the CINEO C2020! The next-generation banking system can be operated via barcode or NFC. It is especially suited for use with a smartphone or NFC-enabled bank card. In the age of digital transformation, the CINEO C2020 offers a new and modern way to cash, which guarantees greater customer satisfaction and improved service. The CINEO C2020 enables convenient and fast cash transactions, making it the ideal solution for digital natives – mobile, simple and fast. Touch. Tap. Cash. The new self-service experience takes just 16 seconds and reduces queues and waiting times. A modern and compact design inspired by mobile devices supports this simple, intuitive handling of the C2020. Especially the big screen, equipped with a special printing that includes innovative lighting elements. These lights will be illuminated only in the case of an active customer interaction to guide the customer through the transaction process. Our maxim innovation, quality and reliability are reflected within this new system through high-quality materials and best technical realization. Customer value and customer experiences are also in the clear focus.

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