The CDS9 is a self-service ATM machine for withdrawals and deposits of coins and notes, mainly deployed by banks for public use.

Traditional ATMs have been on the market since the 1970’s so users are very familiar to its look and feel and today the user interface of an ATM is looked upon as more or less standardized.

The product will be handled by people used to ATMs, so there was a challenge in designing the CDS9 in a new way while maintaining the familiar interaction and interface. To fulfil these demands, the users are guided through the process through instructions on the touch screen as well as by softly highlighting the points of interaction with illuminated arrows. For visually impaired users, the machine is equipped with braille instructions as well as loudspeakers and headset jack for sound guidance.

The result of the new CDS9 is a completely new look in the global ATM product flora. A clean, stripped, minimalistic yet attractive approach but with all the features positioned in a traditional way giving the user a comfortable, friendly, intuitive and recognizable machine.

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