An AGC is an important device in modern manufacturing enterprises and logistics systems. It is powered by batteries and equipped with non-contact steering devices. It is an automatic guided vehicle without driver and is also known as a moving robot.The latent AGC can operate rapidly and bear heavy load, realizing manpower reduction, efficiency improvement, and unattended operation. The AGC can cooperate with charging piles to implement automatic charging, greatly promoting the production efficiency of companies.
Production tests show that the AGC can bear 500 kg and pull a tooling car of about 1500 kg. Each AGC can liberate 3 workers, guarantee workers’ safety, improve workers’ efficiency and solve the problem of insufficient productivity.The mature technology of magnetic stripe navigation prevents AGC from the affect of sound and light and makes AGC operate stably, precisely, securely, and efficiently.The navigation precision is within 10 mm, the secure sensing range is within 3 m and the emergency braking distance is within 20 mm.

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