The LED screen is used at different scenes including stages, advertisement publicity, etc. We apply the black light technology, which, compared with the traditional LED screen, shows images more sharply. In regard to design, the disassembling, the assembling and the maintenance of the product are taken into consideration to serve for the convenience of the installation and the maintenance crew. The fast lock is applied to ensure the connection strength of the cabinet and to realize swift assembling and disassembling. We make the cabinet adapt to horizontal demonstration and demonstration on a curved surface at different angles through connection parts. In regard to maintenance, magnetic is applied to the maintenance of front and rear installation to further serve for the convenience of the maintenance crew. Regarding package and transportation, we reduced the weight of each cabinet to reduce transportation cost. The outlook of the cabinet looks solid and the functional, therefore the users will feel more secure. We also keep in mind of single cabinet style and the whole cabinet wall.

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