TREK-734 is an 8” all-in-one, compact, light-duty mobile data terminal aimed at managing industrial fleets, such as forklifts and agriculture, mining, and construction vehicles. Unlike conventional designs, the system I/O is located at the top of the unit to enable easy cable management and integration with optional peripherals (i.e., a keyboard or barcode scanner). Embedded communication feature as GPS, WIFI and LTE/NB-IoT/5G and the IP (water & dust) protection is also implemented by modularized design with reasonable cost structure. Embedded CAN bus supports intelligent protocols for vehicle diagnostics monitoring. IP54-rated for protection from water and dust, TREK-734 is also equipped with lockable connectors for secure field installation. Designed for noisy field vehicle environments, TREK-734 features an 8” sunlight-readable display with anti-scratch touch panel, front-facing high-volume speakers, and two noise-canceling microphones for reliable VoIP/voice communication. Additionally, the system features five function keys and voice recognition technology for intelligent and safe operation, as well as a real-time rear-view monitoring interface for enhanced driving safety.

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