RESQ DD is an automatic rescue decent device based on a new patented Direct Drive technology. A centrifugal brake transfer its torque directly to the rope without any intermediate gears. Its robust design is developed for heavy duty applications in the wind power industry. RESQ DD is available with a manual winch function based on a worm gear, activated when unfolding the handle. In manual mode the handle can be left unattended without causing any unintentional descents.

All professionals working at heights know that a rescue situation is a risk and can become a challenge to handle. Our mission was to develop a device that is simple and safe to use under extreme loads and heights. At the same time user-friendly and easy to learn. All to eliminate as many risks as possible in evacuation and rescue situations.

RESQ DD is compliant with the new standard EN341:2011. All tests are performed, approved and documented by the notified body, FORCE Technology in Denmark. ResQ DD is the first rescue & evacuation solution developed for heights of 600 metres and a user weight of 282 kg. Nobody else has managed to achieve.

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