The new JLG 450AJ is a self-propelled Mobile Elevated Work Platform, and represents the next generation of JLG products. It provides a secure, stable environment from which two persons can perform work at height anywhere within the machine’s class-leading work “envelope”. Target applications include maintenance tasks, entertainment and sporting event support, and commercial construction.

Three power source options will be available: Diesel, or bi-fuel (propane/gasoline) engines, and a “series” Diesel-electric hybrid system (which improves fuel economy, and decreases noise and exhaust emissions).

Its articulated boom allows for a small “footprint”, which enhances the machine’s transportability, allows it to maneuver in close quarters, and position its work platform in difficult-to-reach locations.

The new styling of the 450AJ projects ruggedness and durability as a commercial-duty industrial machine, while simultaneously indicating that it now incorporates advanced materials and technology. It’s designed to have a unique appearance that makes it immediately identifiable as a member of the newest generation of JLG Work Platforms and Telehandlers.

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