Smaller footprint
With the round design and modern insulation comes a smaller footprint. A smaller footprint is making room for higher profitability. The rounded sliding door creates a great working area as it naturally slides into the oven when opened.

The sliding door gives a better work environment for the baker, with fewer burns and scratches. A wider opening creates safe passage when handling racks and the operation is managed with the intelligent control panel. The large window assures fantastic visibility into the oven. The new compact steam system simplifies cleaning and service.

Save that energy!
The smaller chamber gives better energy efficiency. An intelligent 3-layered glass front in combination with fewer heat bridges and modern insulation minimizes nergy waste. The new efficient steam system uses less water, and the total life cycle energy consumption is minimized with fewer parts, less material and lower weight, creating less handling in the recycle process as well as lighter transports.

It’s Showtime!
Now you can let people see what’s going on inside the oven. Both bakers and customers get a better feel for the actual baking on display insi

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