The Wöhler A 550 Flue Gas Analyser simplifies the flue gas analysis of fuel and gas appliances decisively. Only one instrument is sufficient to perform in a completely reliable and save way all controls prescribed in Germany for fuel and gas heating appliances. In spite of its multifunctionality the meter is easy to operate: Similar to a smartphone the different measurement tasks are structured in menus. A touch on the icon will select and start the measurement. The large and bright display is clearly visible even in dark cellars.
The flue gas values can be saved as customer data and sent to a portable printer via an infrared interface. They can also be transferred to almost every administration software via USB or Bluetooth.

Design and material of the K2 housing stand for robustness and advanced technology with good ergonomics and impact protection. The compact housing can be held and switched on with one hand. The other hand is free to operate the pistol-shaped ergonomic measurement probe and the touch screen.

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