A refractometer and polarimeter hybrid instrument combining different measurement principles that fits in the palm of your hand. The RePo can measure both refractive index and angle of rotation which determines the purity and identity of substances. Other polarimeters are bulky units geared towards labs. Glass observation tubes are required and technical skills are necessary. This has prevented the spread of their use. The RePo is the world’s first refractometer x polarimeter with a revolutionary design that makes observation tubes obsolete. The unit itself is all you need for measurement. Consideration for the environment has been incorporated into its design. The RePo is devised to display results in just 2 simple steps. Step 1: Fill the sample stage. Step 2: Press the button. Simplified measurement steps allow even first-time users to easily operate it. The only cleaning required is the corrosion resistant sample stage. An IP67 rating and smooth finishing lets users wipe it clean with minimal effort. Its innovative design reflects the desire to spread the wonder of discovery and measurement beyond labs, with the purpose of redefining the fundamentals of instruments.

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