Plaato is a tool for beer brewers, a digital airlock that helps you to monitor your beer fermentation.

Plaato airlock sends information about your fermentation straight to your phone, including:
· Specific Gravity
· Fermentation Activity
· Alcohol percentage
· Ambient temperature
· All 100% non-invasive
For every single batch, a unique fermentation analysis report is generated. All data are stored for later use to keep track of your different batches, to experiment, for consistency, or to make changes.
Plaato converts biological fermentation reactions into digital data.
During alcoholic fermentation, yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The alcohol stays in the wort as liquid, and the CO2 is escaping the fermenter by going through the airlock, these biological reactions are measured and converted into digital data. In other words, by knowing the amount of CO2 that has been produced – we also know the alcohol produced.
To limit the risk of potential contamination, Plaato monitors the beer without touching it. The airlock is fully detachable and sanitizable.
The information is sent to the PLAATO smartphone-app via Wi-Fi

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