Picomag is the economical magmeter for many applications in secondary circuits with conductive liquids in all industries measuring flow and temperature simultaneously. End customers, skid builders, original equipment manufacturers and system integrators value the compact and space-saving Picomag for its flexible installation capabilities. Additionally, its future-oriented, intuitive operation via SmartBlue app on every Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet ensures fast, secure and simple commissioning. Furthermore, the user benefits from a continuous monitoring through clear warning and alarm messages on the colored display. With offering two freely selectable I/Os, a customer can easily select an analog or digital communication with IO-Link. IO-Link reduces the complexity and increases productivity with connecting simpler devices to any fieldbus system. In addition, the Picomag offers unique features like the auto-rotatable screen or the knocking functionality. Knocking on the device shows either the configured parameters or activates Bluetooth.

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