The concept for the design of the PHOENIX L500i leak detector came from the desire to combine the sophistication of a very high tech piece of equipment within an esthetically pleasing and functional appearance. The smooth aerodynamic lines of the housing provide for a very modern and even futuristic look and feel which is quite different from many competitive products on the market today. The entire unit is compact making it easy to maneuver into tight work spaces thus providing a significant advantage to end users. The handle itself has been tucked away beneath the top of the housing so that it does not stick out or interfere with the work area around the leak detector while also keeping with the smooth contours of the outer housing. The simplified controls have been optimized and positioned with ergonomic considerations in mind. The tablet itself can be removed from the console and used as a mobile remote with the same functionality whether it is attached to the unit or not. The user interface ensures an intuitive, secure and simple handling of the leak detector. The technical superiority is reflected in a highly sophisticated, comprehensive and user friendly design.

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