Wearable technology is beyond your wrist, focusing on the intersection of capturing our world in 3D and providing the maximum mobility, the Leica Pegasus:Backpack brings lasers sensors, five cameras, and a 1TB computer into a carbon fibre unibody weighting only 12 kilograms and running on rechargeable batteries. The high-tech instruments are protected from water, sand, and dust by shrouding them in a durable ripstop woven laminate. Taking technology from robots, the system finds it position not by GPS, but with lasers. The batteries are accessed from a zipper in the back and magnetic flaps cover the expansion ports. With the majority of the weight positioned at the bottom of the backpack, the user is well balanced to walk over difficult outdoor terrains or navigate complex man-made underground structures. With a slim design and adjustable straps for any body type, the design was developed with the aim to combine complex technology with a compact, mobile and highly aesthetic element simulating an easy-to-use trekking backpack. Our world population grows and changes fast, the speed of change is happening more frequently and our need to capture in 3D allows better decisions faster.

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