The Nano-inXider provides structural information on nanomaterials using X-rays. The unprecedented level of compactness, ergonomics and ease of use makes Nano-inXider accessible to non-specialized users. The vertical structure and shape provide elegance and working comfort. The refined silhouette and reduced number of switches reflect the ease of use and simplicity of operation. Straight edges, emphasizing strictness and technological precision, bend to focus attention towards the central test chamber. The ergonomics of this chamber are innovative: an assistance system reduces the efforts and movements needed to operate the door of the vacuum chamber to a minimum, allowing smooth and intensive use. The large chamber volume is designed like a showcase, with an optimal sample illumination and large observation window. The integrated color lighting provides instant information on the instrument status. The modular design of the system helps reducing the cost and environmental impact. The user interface is minimalistic and follows the philosophy of simplicity.

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