MULTILYZER STe is an ergonomically designed flue gas analyser with a robust protective sleeve and integrated magnets for easy handling. The device is operated via a touch pad with a scroll function. The compact all-rounder can accommodate up to six gas measuring cells in any combination as well as two pressure sensors and three temperature sensors to provide all the functionality needed to service any heating system on the market. The high-resolution colour TFT display allows for convenient visualisation of the measurement results. The intuitive user interface offers colour-coded menus and colour-coded representation of the measured values for maximum ease of use. MULTILYZER STe features the new ECO Sensor technology with an extremely short response time and a prolonged service life. A comprehensive range of data communication features ensures optimum connectivity. System-independent storage of data on microSD cards, wired communication via USB, Bluetooth connection of additional measuring instruments, printers and smartphones/tablets as well as generation of QR codes of the measurement logs for further processing on a PC with the standard applications.

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