Digital Microscope: Pure and Simple Digital microscopes have revolutionized microscopy in industrial manufacturing, quality control as well as in research and development. With eyepieces replaced by a screen, efficiency, teamwork and ergonomics are tremendously improved. The Leica DVM6 is the first to go even further – one hand is sufficient to operate it. Two hands and several work steps used to be necessary for this. Objects the size of a grain of sand can be infinitely magnified and easily displayed full-screen. Even looking at it from all sides is as easy as pie due to the tilting and rotation functionalities. Finest details remain in focus, regardless of the viewing angle. Reduction to the essentials and ease of use were the force behind the symmetrical design: There is only one power cord and the dimensions of all parts allow for an easy grip for right- and left-handers alike. User requirements were the benchmark: Speed, a high level of automation, and versatility help save time, simplify workflows and inspire confidence in operating the system.

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