The new Wärtsilä Local Display Unit LDU-30 is a simple and clearly defined user interface, which improves interactions and safety for operators. The LDU-30 can control new Wärtsilä’s marine engines and machinery. The LDU-30 is designed to survive in extreme environmental conditions, spaces with electromagnetic interference from e.g. electrical generators and extreme vibration environments. The design of the LDU-30 and its user experience are based on extensive research on board ships. The LDU-30 can also be easily relocated with its brackets for better ergonomics. The main control functions of the LDU-30 are collected on specific push buttons embedded in the display. Dedicated control functions like Start, Stop, Service and Local Control are separated by requirements, but at the same time linked to the interface with an intuitive use of RGB LED colour. With the new Wärtsilä LDU-30 the user is intuitively in control in all situations and in all conditions; showing relevant information when needed, the display improves safety both at sea and in port. With Wärtsilä’s tradition of innovation, even regulated devices like this can be taken to a new level by means of design.

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