“iD-Box16” is a versatile housing for high-quality electronic components. The novelty consists of a standard-independent system that not only addresses the individual needs of the end user but also adapts its size to reflect the application and its needs. The design objective was to completely eliminate the need for a second internal housing thanks to a simple sheet-metal bracket. This makes the product even more modular in terms of its manufacture. The aluminum frame does not just act as a handle; in addition to integrating the bolt joint, it also offers stability and flows around the housing in an extremely elegant way. The sloping front is also easy to read and also provides design freedom, very much in line with the modular principle. With fewer screws and its flowing forms, the housing has a very minimalist and clean look. Materials such as anodized aluminum give the housing a premium appeal and appearance. The housing’s applications are just as unique as its customers.

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