The perfect instrument in the field

The Hygrovision mini dew point analyzer is a compact, partially automated chilled-mirror device used to manually measure the dew point of water, hydrocarbons, and additives in gaseous media.  Primarily developed for use in the natural gas industry, the Hygrovision mini is equally well suited for all applications requiring a quick and precise dew point measurement, thanks to its high degree of functionality,  reliability and ease of operation.

The analyzer consists of a high-pressure measurement chamber with an integrated condensation mirror, a removable microscope, and a control module that includes an  LED display and a rechargeable battery. The standard mini is designed for operating pressures up to100 bar and the mini SL for pressures up to 300 bar. In addition, the analyzer can operate for up to 12 hours on a single battery charge.

The Hygrovision mini’s innovative optical system makes it easy to distinguish between water and hydrocarbon condensates. This system includes a 40-power microscope  and two different lighting modes for illuminating the surface of the condensation mirror. Moreover, this innovative lighting system enables the operator to register an extremely tenuous condensation film – as thin as 10 nm.

Weighing in at a mere 3.8 kilograms, the Hygrovision mini is easily transported to the remotest field locations and difficult to access sampling points. In addition to the cooling achieved by the onboard thermoelectric battery, a.k.a. Peltier element, the analyzer incorporates supplemental cooling channels for additional temperature supression of the condensation mirror. A variety of cooling media (including process gas) can be directed through these channels in order to achieve the desired temperature range.

Some of the applications for which the Hygrovision mini is particularly well-suited include:

  • Spot checking pipeline gas quality in the field;
  • Monitoring the quality of industrial processes, for example the drying and purging of systems and facilities;
  • Confirming the results of assorted automatic dew point analyzers;
  • Providing a visual reference in the event that the automatic measurements of two or more online analyzers disagree, for example at custody transfer locations.

The Hygrovision mini is a state-of-the-art instrument that every field technician in the gas industry should have in his or her “toolbox”.



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