The new paradigm in portable dew point analysis

The Hygrovision BL is a revolutionary new high-precision chilled-mirror analyzer for measuring both the dew point of water and the condensation temperature of hydrocarbons in natural gas. This portable explosion-proof instrument provides unmatched functionality.

The Hygrovision BL incorporates both state-of-the-art automatic dew point registration technology and manual/visual dew point measurement technology. In automatic mode, the Hygrovision BL uses laser-based interferometric analysis to register the presense of a condensate on the temperature controlled mirror’s surface with unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy. When used in manual/visual mode, the operator observes conditions on the mirror’s surface in real time with the aide of a 40-power microscope and a dual-mode illumination system. The combination of the microscope and advanced lighting system makes it possible for anyone operating the analyzer to not only measure the dew point with a high degre of accuracy, but also to clearly and reliably differentiate between water condensation and hydrocarbon condensates. In addition, the Hygrovision BL can be calibrated to an accuracy level that allows it to be used as a traceable metrological calibration standard when operated in the automatic mode.

At only 7,5 kilograms, this analyzer is truly portable. It can operate for a minimum of 6 hours powered by the on-board battery, or it can be connected to the mains power supply for extended periods measuring in the automatic mode. Moreover, it heats and cools the condensation mirror electrically, thereby eliminating the need for a refrigerant gas. Onboard data logging of up to 5 years of measurements and fittings for filter elements round out this exceptionally well-conceived instrument.

The Hygrovision BL is the perfect instrument for:

  • spot checking gas conditions in the field;
  • confirming the measurements of installed online analyzers;
  • use as a calibration reference;
  • or as a versatile laboratory instrument.
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