The O3D sensor was developed to increase effectiveness in industrial automation. It can capture and evaluate scenes and objects in three dimensions with 23,000 pixels at a glance. It is used for volume determination and monitoring of material in installations to avoid overfilling or underfilling or exceeding the allowed weight per tank. More applications are object recognition for the control of robot arms, the automatic pick-up of palettes with mobile machines or monitoring the completeness of objects. All applications are set via a software. The O3D must be able to master all the different applications equally well. The compact design permits fast installation by means of 2 screws even on smaller swivelling robots. The housing is robust, wear-free and easy to clean. The LEDs at the rear of the camera quickly inform about the status. The captive type label provides additional technical data. The use of the ifm design and colour guarantees the quality ifm stands for: reliability, ease of use and flexibility.

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