Fastems is an intelligent automation system provider that helps metalworking companies from small job shops to large aerospace corporations to become business leaders and best places to work.

Touch OP is a unique human-system interface of Fastems automation systems, keeping you in full control of your production. It runs an open, machine tool independent software MMS that is intuitive to use and eliminates the need for separate software for managing NC programs, tools, materials and production orders. The key design driver for Touch OP was to offer world-class user experience to shop floors: a control combining touch screen and physical knobs as well as quick motorized adjustability and movability allow easy and comfortable operation for every user. In addition to extreme easiness and ergonomics, end users find the beautiful and timeless design of Touch OP appealing.

Touch OP was designed to fit for different needs, products and purposes even in harsh factory conditions and close to production. It meets all these requirements and compared to other interfaces in the market it is more cost-efficient to produce with standardized parts, easy assembly and effortless maintance.

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