Hipot testers usually come in large size and heavy which often be fixed in one station. However, in a small laboratory facility or limited space available manufacturers, optimizing space is critical and it is extremely inconvenient moving the big and heavy machine around to combines various tests with other instruments.
The EST-300 series hipot tester combines industry-leading compact size with unbeatable performance. This new series economically integrates AC, DC withstand, and insulation resistance into a single solution. The Hipot tester is highly portable and fits readily in any spatially limited testing environment with crafted to the size of a piece of A4 paper and weighing only 5.5kg. The EST-300 series provides a robust set of features that include high output rating, ARC detection, ramp-high, charge-low, and fast discharge to enhance overall testing efficiency and safety by preventing the common errors and detecting any dielectric breakdowns during tests on the DUT. The interconnecting function allows expansion with a ground bond tester, offering a more complete testing system for added safety.

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