Ekin Box Spotter is a portable solution that helps police officers or security forces to enhance traffic safety. It can detect every number plate and speed of the vehicles in its field of view and generates alarms in case of any violation or wanted vehicle detected.

Ekin Box Spotter designed for easy and practical assembling on tripod or pole and provides flexible application area. Having a major difference from only-fixed surveillance solutions, Ekin Box Spotter is able to be used on tripod as a portable system which means it can immediately support required areas and ensure maximum traffic safety.

Only-fixed radar systems, generally used as a solution to prevent fatal accidents by determining speed limit violations, have proven to be insufficient at most times. Besides, most fixed surveillance systems are incompatible with the architecture of the city, requiring more external hardware. Ekin Box Spotter has a compact design, offering a practical solution by providing opportunity to use at different required locations.

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