Easy-Laser XT11 is part of a high-tech product family, used in the industry to precision-align rotating machinery, leading to e.g. lower costs for spare parts and less downtime. Easy-Laser XT11 disruptively changes the competition on the market from selling instruments to selling rugged hand tools holding instrumental precision. The design gives new user groups higher confidence in their work. The Easy-Laser XT11 and its GUI are designed with the users’ actual environment in focus and handles harsh environments and dirty conditions. Easy-Laser XT11 is ergonomic with a glove enabled touchscreen, with treaded grip and simple buttons.

The design, apart from making the buttons ergonomic to access, has chamfered sides to protect the small OLED and prevents the buttons from being accidentally pressed when the product is placed upside down. Connectors are debossed to protect them from breaking during rough industrial handling. The fast navigation 3D GUI helps the user recognize where in the precision-align process he or she is through representative interactive objects. XT11 shows how aesthetic form can be the result of functions even for products made for tough environments.

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