The ROM eSTEAM Smoke generator makes it possible to easily detect leakages in pipes, tanks and roofs, obtain information about the sewer’s course and solve stench problems without excavation and demolition work.

The smoke generator is suitable for locating tears and holes in the main sewer system, in smaller indoor pipes (siphons, drain pipes etc.), and in septic tanks. In addition, the eSTEAM can be deployed to obtain information about the sewer pipe’s course, to detect illegal connections to municipal sewer and to monitor dry sprinkler lines, air flows in ventilation / air ducts and vents.

In comparison to other smoke units the ROM eSTEAM smoke generator has several unique advantages:
• Portable and movable: Robust rubber wheels drive easily over bumps and stairs
• Easy to store: The compact machine can be stored vertically or horizontally without leaking
• Powerful: Maximum smoke volume (62.500 m3/l)
• Economical: low fluid consumption (0.9 litre per hour)
• Work faster, thanks to very short warm-up time
• Advanced technology ensures dense, constant and ´dry’ smoke
• User-friendly control panel with clear OLED display with excellent visibility even in bright sunlight
• Sharply priced compared to other professional smoke generators that are specially designed for inspection of (sewer) pipes

The ROM eSTEAM is a robust, reliable and durable device (IP44 Protection class). The housing is made of impact resistant PE plastic and has a very robust exterior and interior work. The smoke liquid reservoir, the hose and the power cord are integrated in the design preventing damage.

The ROM eSTEAM is optionally available with remote control and a smoke stopper. The ROM SmokeStopper is a flexible bellow to easily place the hose in a pipe and to seal the pipe (Ø70-250mm) airtight around the smoke supply hose. Ideal when the tube wall shows unevenness.

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