The ColorCube laboratory spectrophotometer is designed for quality assurance. It can be used in all applications where the examination of a product color is an important factor. Due to its high quality aluminum ‘unibody’ casing and the high-performance LED light sources the system guaranteed a long product lifetime and reliable measurement results. The ColorCube, attracted by its simple, modern, functional and unique design, is highlighted by the user-friendly one-button operation of the ColorCube and has an ease of use that larger devices may lack. Despite its small size it fulfills all requirements of a modern, high-quality laboratory instrument. Another highlight is the visual Pass / Fail -Assessment by colored backlighting. It gives the user a quick a red or green Pass / Fail assessment through the back lit glass plate, without displaying individual readings. The system can be connected via Bluetooth, USB cable or Wi-Fi with any Windows PC or tablet and, together with the QA software it is the perfect solution for the testing laboratory.

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