This 6-angle spectrophotometer measures metallic/pearlescent automobile paint, whose reflectivity changes with the viewing angle. Measurements are stable due to a new double-pass optical system, curved-surface-compatible contact component, and lightweight size, 75% that of conventional models. High-color-rendering white LED light sources and long battery life enable long use, high maintainability, and cost efficiency.
Automobile paint color is measured from multiple angles, from the roof to the undercarriage and bumper. We tested many prototypes and created a user-friendly model for stable one- or two-handed use. For further safety, its rubber cover protects the sensor and prevents scratches. Added buttons and a rotating screen enable two-handed measurement.
The 3.5″ color LCD UI has improved operability and visibility, due to repeated prototyping. It uses a highly-visible original font and allows users to select displays based on their needs, showing measurement success or detailed measurement results at a glance.
Overall UX is also improved with smooth connectivity to color management software and visual navigation of operation such as calibration and equipment diagnostics.

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