It is the user interface device that carries out the programming for the moving trajectory and the work to be performed by the 6-axis or the 8-axis robot used at the workplace. Because it is exposed to the extreme environment of a large factory, safety when using the product should be fully taken into account in the design as well as applying waterproof and dustproof designs. TP520 is designed in the optimized shape and size for comfortable and precise operation of the user, and has the high device operability for safety. The compact design line of TP locks the hands of the user into place for comfort even after using it for a very long time. The user can change the strap in the desired direction for comfortable and safe working for both right handers and left-handers. The space in the back to put fingers in is for improved grip and can be covered softly in the palm. Enable Key that has to be pushed during the operation is located in the end of the fingertip to be pushed while holding the device, which helps push the button naturally with minimum pressure. The emergency stop button for safety is also located in the upper corner of the terminal to be pushed in a moment.

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