AQUAPHON® is a system to detect leaks in water supply networks by electro-acoustic means: professional, flexible and intelligent. It is the world´s only system of its kind, which works completely wireless: optimal freedom of movement, no interferences by swinging cables. All system components communicate by Sewerin Digital Radio (SDR). The AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver guides the operator through the various applications with clear instructions and symbols on the extra-large 5.7 inch VGA touch screen, which means that even less experienced and occasional users can operate the device intuitively and reliably. The revolutionary integrated audio player records/plays the last seven leak noises measured and provides a time saving and on-site noise comparison. Moreover, a user-specific noise database can be created and supplemented by relevant additional information. The intelligent filtering on basis of the frequency analysis (FFT) reduces irritating noises and the operator may even set filters manually in order to highlight leak noises. Thanks to the high protection class IP67, the AQUAPHON® A 200 receiver is always ready for operation, even under harsh weather conditions.

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